KCLOT is an e-commerce website of KCLOT INC.. Our goal is to provide affordable and high quality streetwear to our customers. Our warehouse is located in Chongqing, China. The warehouse area is about 1,200 square meters, including: clothing area, shoes area, and accessories area.

Fair Price

Traditional retailers mark up their products 5-8x. Our business model lets us sell the same quality directly to you for a fraction of the price.

Our story

Founder Cg-Cheng hopes that KCLOT will become a symbol of global street culture in the future, and a link between skateboarding, graffiti, and Asian culture. Although born in Asia, due to the long-term residence abroad, the two founders of the brand said: “We have experienced both cultures and have seen the best of both worlds. Our goal is to combine our passion for Asian streetwear and Western-style to create a sense of fashion that we can all appreciate.”

The studio is full of design drawings and whimsy. With its uniqueness, it always makes those discerning high-quality customers fallen in love with, which inspires KCLOT to honed insight and stay ahead of the game continually. KCLOT has distinguished the once niche culture and successfully attracted the attention of the mainstream group.

KCLOT embraces all cultures and is always thinking about how to make each person show their unique lifestyle.